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Define how you want your commit messages to look like, how branches should be named, what a pull request must include, and how issues should be reported.

Your guidelines will then be enforced by our bots and build checks. All you have to do is to sign up using GitHub and activate GitMagic for your repos.

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                                "commit": {
                                    "subject_must_be_in_tense": "imperative",
                                    "subject_must_include_prefix": {
                                        "prefixes": ["feat", "fix", "docs", "refactor"],
                                        "require_after_prefix": "(*): "
                                    "body_must_close_github_issue": true
                                "pull_request": {
                                    "subject_must_be_longer_than": 4,
                                    "body_must_include_verification_steps": true,
                                    "body_must_include_screenshot": ["html", "css"]
                                "issue": {
                                    "label_must_be_set": true,
                                    "subject_must_start_with_case": "upper",
                                    "body_must_include_reproduction_steps": ["bug"]
                                "branch": {
                                    "name_must_include_github_issue": "start"

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