Automated Contribution Guidelines

GitMagic automatically enforces your contribution guidelines for pull requests and issues.

Getting Started

Start using GitMagic in three easy steps.

1. Install GitMagic App

Firstly, install GitMagic (via GitHub) and grant permissions on selected repositories

2. Commit Config File

Then commit a YML config file with your conditions and rules to the root of your default branch

3. Open Dashboard

Login to the GitMagic Dashboard to view issues and pull requests for each repo

Issues & Pull Requests

Let users know when their issue or pull request doesn't meet your contribution guidelines.


Get a bird's eye view of all your repos and builds so you can stay in control.

Email Support

If you need help getting started then drop us an email and we will be glad to help.

Regular Expressions

The GitMagic config file allows regex patterns meaning you have lots of flexibility when creating your rules.

Status Reporting

GitMagic reports on the status of pull requests meaning you can integrate our service into your checks.


Take control of the GitMagic Bot with your own error messages. You can also add variables to make them more personal.

Config File

Add your contribution guidelines for issues and pull requests.

# .gitmagic.yml
- rules:
- title.match./^[A-Z]/
message: Title **{{title}}** should start with an uppercase letter and be at least 5 characters long.
- rules:
- tense.eq.imperative
message: Title should be in imperative form - Add, Fix, Update.
- conditions:
- labels.eq.bug
- body.match./reproduction steps|to reproduce/i
message: |
As you have added a bug label, please ensure reproductions steps are included by using one of the following in the body of this issue:
* reproduction steps
* to reproduce
header: @{{sender}} - Your {{type}} does not follow our contribution guidelines. Please review the following issues and update.
footer: |

Check out the docs to learn how to create your first GitMagic config file.